Former Kerry Footballer Believes Kerry had an Unfair Advantage Against Galway

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The former Kerry defender and five time All-Ireland winner Tomás Ó Sé believes Kerry had an unfair advantage in the final. The Ventry native was speaking to the Irish Examiner and shared his honest assessment of the final.

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“Every team that has a good man inside is going to do well with it. Even if you don’t, you can still be cute to make the most out of it and you don’t need to be lamping it in from the half-back line,” Ó Sé said.

“It is not part of our game, it is not our game. It’s like a free kick and the back has done nothing wrong. I still see confusion among players in matches when they don’t know if it’s a mark or not. Different referees referee it differently.

“I don’t agree with David Clifford getting two marks in the first half of the final. Paul Geaney got one too and they all went a long way to Kerry winning it because without them they were struggling otherwise.

“Being at the game, as a Kerryman I was saying ‘great’ when they got those points but it is wrong and it was unfair on the Galway backs.”

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  1. Tomás, I suppose that when a rule is known in advance,both teams have the opportunity of making the most of it. You can only play the team in front of you and you can only play by the rules that apply. High fielding is a wonderful skill as exhibited by David Clifford. I don’t think a ball caught, which is not above the head, should ever be a mark. Ciarraí abú!!

  2. I agree with Tomas Ò Sé. The Mark should be got rid of . If these changes continue we won’t recognise our game.

    1. Think the elephant in the room is the number of players (15) on each team should be 13 a side ,4 less players would make our game better

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