🚨Tomás Ó Sé has a very simple & logical solution to solve the shocking Attendances at matches ..

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The former Kerry footballer Tomás Ó Sé was speaking on the RTE podcast and was asked about the low number of spectators that have turned up to watch some of the group matches so far ..

The five time All-Ireland winner has a solution for the problem and said the following;

“For such a condensed Championship to have games with no edge or no big crowds wanting to attend.

Ulster again are the only teams with big crowds.

There was a game in Killarney there with a shocking crowd at it. There was a shocking crowd in Dublin.

There is a fix in it. The GAA need to back off, bow the head and let whoever wins the first two games meet each other in the second round.

There could be way more games where there is a need to win. There would be a Championship feel to it.

There isn’t a Championship feel to games that are happening at the minute.

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  1. Scrap these ludicrous preliminary quarter finals, I have no problem with the round robin games, top 2 from each group automatically qualify for the All=Ireland quarter finals, it’s as simple as that.

  2. Let the GAA issue receipts to Match attendees (like clubcard in Supermarket) and then offer All Ireland Final Tickets to the people with the most receipts.

  3. 100% agree with you. Bernard Flynn and myself have been saying this for years. Hopefully the powers that be might listen to you this time

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