Former Wexford Great Slams RTE’s ‘Unfair’ Coverage

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The former Wexford hurler Tom Dempsey took to his Facebook account to slam the coverage of The Sunday Game and it’s complete lack of fairness when it came to discussing Wexford.

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“Have to say I am gutted after yesterday, so close and well done to all the lads for great effort. Well done to Clare and good luck to them.”

“However, raced home to watch game on telly and was left speechless by the analysis which focused completely on Clare all the way through. No credit whatsoever to our lads but just how poorly the Banner played up to the last ten minutes.

“A complete lack of respect for Wexford hurling and when looking for a man of the match no Wexford player even mentioned. Why don’t the losers ever get this award.”

“Lee Chin had turned the player and was pulled down with no Clare player between him and the goal so penalty and black full stop. For three analysts to say that two Clare defenders were on their way back is completely irrelevant. The rule states that if no defender between player and goal when fouled it’s a penalty.

“Focus on marginal square balls was really the main reference to Wexford during the analysis which doesn’t give the credit to our lads that we deserve.

“It’s not sour grapes because I wish Clare the very best and had lovely chats with some of their supporters yesterday. Yesterday, we deserved more time, space and respect from our national station and we did not get this from the analysts.

“Finally Good luck to Brian Lohan who was one man that gave Wexford credit. Brian is a legend and very dignified in victory or defeat. Up Wexford.”

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