Tiger Woods has been taken to hospital after being injured in a car crash in Los Angeles

The 15 time major winner Tiger Woods was in serious 7am car crash in Los Angeles. Taken to hospital after extraction by firefighters & paramedics using ‘jaws of life’ tool. Car suffered ‘major damage’ Tiger Woods agent says Tiger is now in surgery after suffering ‘multiple leg injuries’ in a single-car accident. Looks like it rolled over off the road and down into a ditch.

We hope one of the biggest sports stars ever in sport is OK, if this year could get any worse then for something to happen to the legend that is Tiger Woods. Please God says his OK.

We really hope the 45 year old American superstar in the game of Golf recovers and is OK from this accident, never mind Golf but for his two children and his family more importantly. The Master isn’t too far away, but that is that last thing that people will be thinking of now.

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