This is why it looked like Cristiano Ronaldo was appealing for offside when Alvaro Morato scored late winner..!

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An incredible moment occurred last night in the game between Real Madrid vs Athletico Bilbao.. As Alvaro Morata scored what turned out to be the games winning goal, it appeared that Cristiano Ronaldo was appealing for offside against his OWN TEAM..

This would fit perfectly into the egotistical Ronaldo stereotype as there are other examples where Cristiano puts himself before his team but in this case this is not true and it is a strange habit of the Portuguese Maestro’s that saves him on this occasion..

Raising his hands when his team scores is a strange habit of Ronaldo’s.. There are many examples of Ronaldo celebrating by rising his hands and looking at the linesman to ensure the offside flag has not been raised and it was no different last night given the nature of the rebound back to Morata who finished from close range.

Here are some previous examples of Ronaldo’s strange habit..