There’s a tiny village in Ghana who are all die-hard Aston Villa fans and here is why

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Did you know there’s a tiny village in Ghana called Juaben that is chock full of die-hard Aston Villa fans? No? Well, there is and here’s why.

According to the Daily Mail, the tiny village of Juaben in Ghana is home to some of the country’s biggest Aston Villa despite being over 5,000 miles away from the hallowed Villa Park.

Every day Villa play the local residents will wake up at 5am, pull on their claret and blue and dance through the streets singing songs and declaring their love for the Birmingham side.

Video courtesy of Ghana Lions AVFC via Twitter

You must be asking yourself, ‘But why does a tiny village in Ghana have so much interest in Aston Villa?’ and the reason is 21-year-old Owusu Boakye Amando, the founder of the Ghana Lions.

Amando claims that there are now over 1,000 supporters in his village after convincing fans of other, bigger clubs to switch allegiance to the mighty Villa.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Armando said: “Every Sunday morning it is our routine, we have to be fit and more active so that we can chant, so we do exercises and after that, we will chant and chant and go on for more than three hours.

“When we come back we start the chants using the names of the footballers who play for Aston Villa, and we chant against the opponents we come to play against. We do some chants and we all watch them play together.

“Most people were Chelsea fans, Man United fans, Barcelona fans. They are all joining us as Aston Villa fans now! Because what we are doing is amazing.”



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