The Very Best of Instagram Golf Sensation Paige Spiranac

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you will be familiar with the Golf sensation that is Paige Spiranac. Paige has been wowing fans on her instagram for years now with nearly three million followers.

She’s certainly got a grip of the whole online instagram game and knows how to get the followers and views/likes on her posts. A lot of people would question does she do damage to the world of Golf?

A lot of her fans would disagree with this with on average anytime she posts a video it always seems to get 1 million views at least!

The American native grew up in Colorado and resides in Arizona who she is married to Steven Tinoco, a former minor league baseball player. The two married in the summer of 2018

Spiranac is full time at her golf now having once been a pro, but is now making money from her mass presence online. Here are some of her best shots..