The UEFA Champions League final may be held in New York from now on

The UEFA Champions League final, Europe’s most prestigious football finale, may be moving out of Europe and across the pond to the New York in the USA repot The Sun.

The plan to move Europe’s biggest football tournament final out of Europe is part of a big plan by UEFA to skas up and refresh the competition.

UEFA want to agree on a new 36-team competition that will run for nine seasons starting in 2024, ending in 2033.

As part of their pitch to potential sponsors, Uefa have suggested that the final could be held in the Big Apple so they can capitalise on the cash-heavy US market.

Following his election in 2016, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin flirted with the idea of taking the Champions League final out of Europe and into an untapped market.

“I think it might be an idea in the future but we have to speak about it. he said.

“To go from Portugal to Azerbaijan, for example, is almost the same as if you go to New York. For the fans it’s no problem.”

America is desperate to see Europe’s biggest teams play competitive games on their soil and no match means more to US football fans than the Champions League Final.

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