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We’ve all seen a fair few Twitter accounts imitating football stars ranging from the likes of James Milner, Di Maria and even Brendan Rodgers, so we thought we’d set out to decide, who is the king of Twitter?

10. Faded Footballers@FadedFootballer



9. Finished Players @FinishedPlayers

Much like Faded Footballers, Finished Players allows you to discover what retired footballers who once played at the high levels are doing with their spare time. Following them will help you to find out what the once professional footballers are now doing whether it be running a business or managing semi professional teams .



8. Funny Footy Quotes@FunFootyQuote

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Funny Football Quotes brings you all the quotes and sayings from figures in football around the world, whether its Ibrahimovic’s famous quotes or Ian Wright on Coventry fans give it a follow and you wont regret it.



7. Slow Sports News@SlowSportsNews

Slow Sports News is a parody account replicating Sky Sports News but just a few years after. Posting headlines today that were leaked in 2009 it’s creativity is certainly not lacking, if you’ve never heard of it check it out it’s definitely worth the follow.



6. Agent Edward@Agent_Edward


Agent Edward is a source for all transfers leaking news on completed and broken down deals hours and sometimes days before Sky Sports and BBC Sport, follow Agent Edward and you’ll hear about transfers in your league before any of your mates.



5. Transfer Related@TransferRelated

Very similar to Agent Edward but Transfer Related also give you the latest insight into the transfer deals happening right now and leaking information before anywhere else, over their time on Twitter they have announced deals days before they are confirmed and can be 100% trusted.



4. Angry Di Maria@angrydimaria

Angry Di Maria was made when United confirmed his move to the reds, joining Evil Kagawa in documenting time at United. It’s definitely one of the best parodies on Twitter and worth the follow.


3. Boring James Milner@BoringMilner

Boring Milner is in a league of it’s own, if you haven’t laughed in a while give this account a follow, some tweets include the colour of the Banana James is eating, or whether he’s organising his coat hangers and it won’t fail to make you laugh, and if it does, lighten up.


2. Zlatan Facts @ZlatanFacts

Zlatan Facts doesn’t fail to show everyone why we love Zlatan, although the facts may not be true, it will leave you in stitches especially if you are a Zlatan fan, that’s why the account takes its place in 2nd.



1. Deluded Brendan@DeludedBrendan

The winner by far is definalty Deluded Brendan who takes his place as our King Of Twitter, everyone knows that the face of Brendan Rodgers is laughable let alone his deluded quotes, and this account takes full advantage of this. His genius tweets even involve Tesco and O2 not to mention him being blocked by Southampton and Raheem Sterling. Haven’t seen the account? Catch Up.






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