😬 The time Steve-O asked Jon Jones to give him cauliflower ear

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Jackass star Steve-O once asked UFC legend Jon Jones for help to give him a cauliflower ear.

Footage has resurfaced on social media of the bizarre request from Steve-O which was filmed in 2020.

Speaking on Daniel Cormier’s Multifaceted podcast, Stevo-o said: “Jon Jones got a try at giving me cauliflower ear.

“So we’re at Jon Jones’ house and he’s got barbells with the weights. We put my ear in between the weights and he’s like elbowing them. My ear comes out of there and he says, ‘that’s it, you’ve got it, that’s cauliflower ear’, and then a few days later, nothing happened.”

He continued: “So, the last thing we did on one of Jon Jones’ workout machines, I put my ear on like the metal base bar. He puts his belt, which at the time was the current light heavyweight championship belt.

“It was right after he defended the belt against Dominick Reyes. He puts in on my ear on this metal thing and he’s hitting it with a hammer – a full-blown, Home Depot hammer.

“It seems like everything’s cool and in this footage, it’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen. In this footage he hammers, hits it, and then all of a sudden, one hit, then blood just splatters from underneath this belt. We all freaked out.

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You can watch the video below: 

Warning graphic content below:

Fight fans reacted to the strange stunt.

One said: ‘Level 86 bad idea, but I still had to watch it 3 times.’

Another added: ‘This is just crazy…who even does that?’

A third commented: ‘People will do everything to look tough but only a few would actually train and be tough.’

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