The Rock’s “It Doesn’t Matter” catchphrase remains timeless

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The Rock is one of the most famous people on the planet and possibly the biggest actor in Hollywood today but to many, he’ll always be a WWE legend first.

The self-proclaimed “Great One” showed the charisma and acting chops that would serve him so well from a young age in WWE, with his array of catchphrases and taunts marking him down as arguably the greatest mic worker in wrestling history.

No taunt became more synonymous with The Rock than his “It Doesn’t Matter” shtick, which he performed on a near-weekly basis and still kept it relevant and over with the audience.

No one was safe from the ire of The Rock, whether it be fellow superstars, people from his supposed past or regular butt of his jokes, Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman.

Take a look at some of the best bits of The Rock absolutely owning people on the mic below (shared on Twitter by @90sWWE)

The Rock was heavily rumoured to be facing off against his cousin Roman Reigns this year at WrestleMania after years of hype and speculation, but it did not come to pass due to scheduling conflicts and The Rock apparently not feeling he was in ring shape for such a seismic match.

If and when this match happens, or The Rock next shows up on WWE TV, he is sure to drop another “It Doesn’t Matter” line on an unfortunate soul.

Everyone knows it will happen. Everyone knows it’s coming. Everyone loses their mind every time. Timeless.

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