🚨Jay from The Inbetweeners has slammed Manchester United for their decision over Greenwood

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Manchester United released a statement yesterday afternoon that they are still considering their position with Mason Greenwood and his possible return to the club.

The parody account Jay from the popular ITV show The Inbetweeners has slammed the club for their decision to even consider bringing back the 21 year old footballer.

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The twitter account for Jay from The Inbetweeners tweeted;

‘Easy decision really United’ with the video below 




It will be very interesting to see what decision the Red Devils make, the whole of the football world is watching this story and the club are in tough position. They can hardly bring him back after some of the videos and images were released? Everyone is entitled to a second chance but this goes beyond that..?

Interesting times at the club and a nightmare for everyone involved.


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  1. Not in this lifetime should greenwood be allowed back to Manchester United . Eth is attempting to bring the team back to what it was and bringing him back will disrupt everything the opposition fans will be ruthless . She withdrew her statement as he had carried on seeing her despite his bail conditions . Abusers can be charming and manipulating and she’s fell for it but it will happen again 💯. Get rid of him !!!!

  2. The fact ETH wants him back in the team says a lot about the guy a manager shouldn’t be backing this kind of players in this situation

    1. EtH has never said he wants him back and if where honest we have no idea what ETH wants weather he does or doesn’t want him back, So why lie bro?

  3. Why not it was thrown out of court he is still with the lady he’s had a child with her just looking for attention he’s a brilliant forward Man U need give him a chance to prove himself

    1. Never got to court so didn’t get off with it she withdrew complaint didn’t mean he didn’t do it as the pictures and voicemail says

    2. Don’t be daft, mate. A partner will often stay with an abuser in spite of what has happened. Cases will be dropped for a variety of reasons.

  4. Those pictures and audio clip show exactly the type of man he is and what he is capable of. Footballers are looked up to by so many, do we really want this abusive narcissist to become a role model.
    Welcoming him back to the team is morally wrong.
    Send him to Dubai or one of the other countries that think there is nothing wrong with beating and raping women. There is no place for someone like that here. Manchester United NEED to see past the fact that he can kick a ball and do the right thing.

  5. What is the function of a football club? It’s to inspire. What else is the brand for? To inspire excellence in football and be something youngsters can look up to. Greenwood is counter to all of that. He shouldn’t play for thr club again.

    1. Where have you been?? The function of a football club is to make money. To pretend otherwise is delusional

  6. What happened to Innocence until proven guilty. Put aside the prejudice trial by media and unsubstantiated accusations and respect the man’s rights too.

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