The Final Two Rounds of the Champions Cup is set to be postponed Due to Covid-19

The final two rounds of the Champions Cup is set to be postponed and pushed back due to the ongoing covid19 and this puts a lot of sports in to doubt with a lot of Premier League managers calling for a break in the Premier League including Steve Bruce and Sam Allarydce also.

This surely put the Six Nation Championship in massive doubt now also with the travel between countries for the different matches between France, England, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.




This just highlights the need for the vaccine as soon as possible in people’s lives so we can try and get back to normal. Because sport as we know is apart of a lot of people’s lives and what it gives people. Did Burnley manager Sean Dyche have a point saying that the Premier League players should be vaccinated first to offset the cost of the constant testing that Professional sports players are put through and put that money back in to the healthcare. It’s not a bad idea, when you think about it..

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