The famous Italian Referee Pierluigi Colina Reveals the Greatest Moment of his Career

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If you’re old enough to remember that famous final between the two giants of the game in Manchester United and Bayern Munich, this was a great match and full of drama and the Italian referee Pierluigi Colina one of the all time great referee’s favourite moment from his career came from that famous night at the Camp Nou

“It was the last two minutes, I saw the Bayern players on the bench preparing to celebrate the title, the fans were happy in the stadium with their team being crowned the Champions League title.

Suddenly, Manchester scored two goals in two minutes and reversed the score. I will never forget how the English side were bursting with great noise as if they were lions roaring, while there was funeral silence in the Bayern stands,

The man United players were celebrating their second goal hysterically when I saw a Bayern player completely hopelessly fall to the ground and he was feeling great disappointment. I approached him and found nothing to say to him except, “Get up and fight you still have twenty seconds!!.

At that moment, I saw the true face of football, death and life in one stadium, people celebrating madly and people desperate to death !! ”

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