The craziest victories ever witnessed in football

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Top 5 the Craziest Football Victories Ever

There are certainly a ton of crazy football wins that have been witnessed in football. Selecting a top 5 out of the craziest victories in football is quite challenging. In lame man terms, it is pretty impossible. However, we have managed to streamline this long list of crazy victories to just a list of 5, based on the following criteria:

  • The most recent achievements within a decade to now;
  • The competition in which the teams played the matches;
  • What consequences are at stake at the time of play;
  • What superstars are in the team.

A passionate fan would never forget some specific historical moments peculiar to the football club and nation that they stand to represent. However, it is equally possible to be on either side of the coin, with the memory of a gruesome defeat or a one-to-remember victory. You can either be utterly embarrassed or incredibly joyous when it comes to specific matches in specific competitions such as:

  • Qualifier matches for a more significant competition;
  • Elimination matches in cup competitions;
  • Final games to determine a country, continent, or world champion.


What Football Entails

There are always ups and downs in football. Football teams would win some and lose some. Football is a game of passion. Sometimes, the hurt or the joy from its spectacular moment may be the defining moment in one’s day, week, or even month. The most crucial detail is not to divulge these feelings into action, hurting another individual because that will be considered damning and unforgiving. However, we shall take you through a review of the craziest wins and defeats alike, depending on what side you stand on.

Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal (2011)

The first victory to be considered would be between two of the greatest football clubs in England: Manchester United and Arsenal. The match ended in one of the most gruesome defeats for the North London club. However, on the other hand, it resulted in one of the greatest and craziest victories for the Manchester club at Old Trafford.

At the end of the first half, the scoreline was slated at 1-3, which is not off. However, the second saw a horrendous show from Arsene Wenger’s boys, leaving the Gunners wallowing in pain, agony, and shame of defeat. It is by far the most humiliating defeat for the North Londoners.

Manchester United Score Line Arsenal
Danny Welbeck (22’)

Ashley Young (28’, 90+1’)

Wayne Rooney (41’, 64’, 82’ pen)

Nani (67’)

Ji Sun Park (70’)

8 – 2 Theo Walcott (45+3’)

Robin Van Persie (74’)

Carl Jenkinson (RC 77’)

Brazil 1 – 7 Germany (2014)

On the most significant football stage in the world, the South American national team experienced the worst defeat in their history by looking at the Germans by seven gruesome goals, with only one reply from their side. The football world recorded this historic moment in the 2014 World Cup semi-final stage, which was the 20th of its kind in football history.

Brazil may have suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the German players. Still, Germany afterwards won the highest winning margin in a World Cup semi-final game in history. Although Brazil, on its pact, owns its record of having experienced the worst loss by a host country in the world cup competition.

The Germans ran the show that year and ended up winning the competition. However, Brazil losing by seven goals to 1 in a football game ought to be one of the craziest football losses for the Brazilians and a victory for the Germans.

Spain 1 – 5 Netherlands (2014)

Football would record another teeth-grinding victory in football in the 2014 World Cup competition as the Netherlands landed the defending world champions a thrashing they would never forget. The crazy thing about this victory would be that the Spanish team had previously eliminated the flying dutchman in the last edition of the competition. So, it was more or less a revenge victory for the Netherlands. However, it was the opening game for the Spaniards, and that loss was recorded as their worst opening day defeat in 64 long years after losing 1-6 to Brazil at the 1950 World Cup competition.


Barcelona 6 – 1 Paris Saint Germain (2017)

This football match would rank as one of the greatest and craziest comebacks in the history of the UEFA Champions League competition. Having lost by a 4 goal margin in the first leg of the knockout tie, Barcelona was left with a very high mountain to climb. However, the Curlers could not believe their team made the craziest comeback against the French champions at Camp Nou.

This game featured the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar pulling the strings against the Parisians. However, in the 62nd minute, Edinson Cavani pulled one back for the visitors, most definitely barring any hope of a comeback. However, in the final ten minutes, the football world shook as Barcelona scored three goals courtesy of Neymar and Sergi Roberto, who netted the winning goal in the 95th minute. This match is one for the history books, making it on our list.

Liverpool 4 – 0 Barcelona (2019)

Two years after leading the most remarkable comeback in champions league football, the Blaugranians tasted their own medicine after the Merseyside team showed a shocking response at Anfield against them. Barcelona had previously won by three goals in the first leg, witnessing one of the most incredible freekick goals in the competition by Lionel Messi.

However, after the first leg, it seemed like Liverpool was out, and if at all they were to show up in the second leg, they still would not have been able to make a comeback. To the dismay of the football world yet again. This game featured one of the most extraordinary acts in football history, dubbed ‘Corner taken quickly.’ This quip is courtesy of Alexander Arnold, playing a quick assist to Divock Origi from the corner flag, thereby leading to the winning goal.

Feeling Victory

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Above is a compilation of some of the most significant victories in football history. These events occurred between the biggest clubs and the world’s most influential nations. Some of these victories would remain uncontemplatable as to their possibility and may never get an explanation. Football is a very dynamic sport, and as many would say, anything can happen in football.

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