🚨 Teddy Atlas weighs in on Jake Paul’s ‘dangerous’ decision to fight Mike Tyson

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Teddy Atlas has given his assessment on the showdown between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul.

Tyson and Paul collide on July 20th despite a staggering 30 years difference in age.

One man that knows Tyson very well is Teddy Atlas who helped train ‘Iron Mike’ when he on his way to becoming the baddest man on the planet.

And safe to say he believes Paul could be in trouble if they have not agreed to a predetermined ‘WWE style’ ending to the fight.

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He said on his ‘The Fight’ podcast: ‘This is where I’m gonna make people sit up a little bit and say “did he just say that?”… I think this is a very dangerous fight for Paul.

‘I think he might be making a mistake, because first of all, other than money – and he’s made plenty of money – there’s not a lot to win on his side.

‘If he wins they say he’s 58 years old, and if he loses they say he’s 58 years old, you lost to a 58-year-old guy. For me, he’s got a lot more to lose than Tyson. A lot more.

‘There’s nothing to lose for Tyson. If he wins, in some way people are gonna thank him. “Thank you for ending this charade. Thank you for teaching this guy that you’re either a fighter or not a fighter, you can’t go from being a YouTuber to being a fighter.”

‘So the people that believe that, that feel that way, that don’t like Paul, they’re gonna prop up Tyson even higher and say thanks for teaching these guys a lesson.’

He then continued: ‘I’m gonna make your hairs stand up again…unless this is a WWE agreement – which I don’t know if it is, I’ve never said this before because I think all these fights are legitimate, but this one makes me wonder.

‘I’m not questioning the integrity of Paul, as a matter of fact I like his integrity. I like what I’ve seen from the guy.

‘But I’m just saying, if there was a time I would question it, this would be the time because unless Paul’s that confident that Tyson is too old now, and he is that good… all I know is, this is the first time I’ve actually said, “I wonder if there’s an agreement.”

‘Because if there’s not an agreement, Paul might be making a mistake.’

‘I think the risk might be greater than the reward.’

‘I am really surprised that Paul’s taking this risk.

‘I don’t know if it’s because of his confidence or if he really does feel Tyson has deteriorated at this point in his life where he can handle it.

‘But I’m saying, you better be aware the way I would be, knowing Tyson the way I do, power doesn’t disappear even when you’re old… and if you do have an agreement with him, good luck! Because I know Tyson.

‘When that bell rings, he might have a short memory of any agreement other than to put one of those hands on your chin.’

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  1. I think Mike will win because he seems interested in this fight like he has something to prove and i think without trying to sound corny but age is just a number so go Iron Mike makes us proud.

  2. A ridiculous age difference, but you are talking about one of the most destructive heavyweight boxers of his generation.
    Think if I was a betting man I’d choose Tyson. But think there’s a fix, and its only there to make money from those daft enough to be parted with their cash!

  3. Mike definitely has time to get in better shape. Almost 5 months. Jake better fake an injury. Lol

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