🚨Taniela Tupou makes case for being the strongest rugby player in the world

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What an absolute beast the Wallabies tight head prop Taniela Tupou is, extremely impressive in the gym.

The 27-year-old is nothing short of a freak at the bench and the squat rack, but he may well have outdone his lofty standards recently.

The Wallabies shared a video of their squad in the gym as they prepare for the World Cup, where Tupou was squatting with four red plates and two blue plates either side of the bar.

Though it is not clear what the exact weight was, red plates are usually 25kg and blue plates are usually 20kg. With the bar weighing 20kg as well, that makes a staggering 300kg that the Reds prop was squatting.

In fact, it was so much weight that he had to use bands to keep all the weight plates on the bar.

Thanks to RugbyOnslaught for the tip

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