Supercomputer predicts final Premier League table – with Man United snatching fourth spot

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A so-called ‘supercomputer’ has predicted the final outcome of the Premier League season – and there’s reason to be positive from a Manchester United perspective.

We are marginally over the halfway mark in the Premier League campaign, with everything, at least mathematically, still up for grabs.

This season’s title race was billed as a three-way battle between Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Unfortunately, City have already built up a lead that may be impossible to overturn.

Regardless, the race for top four, Europa League qualification and to avoid relegation are all as intense as ever.

All those concerned will be keen for some encouragement that their respective teams will achieve their ambitions.

They have, or haven’t, been given that by The Sun, who have predicted the outcome of the final league table using a ‘supercomputer’.

Manchester City have been predicted to win the Premier League, again

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Man City are, unsurprisingly, predicted to win the league with Liverpool and Chelsea in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Man United take the fourth spot, despite their recent struggles, with Tottenham, Arsenal and West Ham taking up the other European qualification spots.

Unfortunately for Norwich, Watford and Burnley, the Championship awaits, or so the supercomputer predicts.

We’ll have to wait and see how much the ACTUAL final Premier League table differs from this prediction…