European Super League statement suggests intent on continuing without Premier League involvement

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A statement from the European Super League signals intent to continue as planned, despite the withdrawal of the Big Six clubs in the Premier League.

While the proposed breakaway from the Champions League threatened to ruin football as we know it, fans across England made their opinions known, with clubs caving late last night and announcing their withdrawals from the competition, one by one.

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Without the Premier League’s Big Six, you’d think that the Super League would have little chance of being super, but there does look to be intent to continue with the plans which were initially proposed, rather than abandon them completely.

A statement from the Super League is quoted by the BBC’s Simon Stone.

The plausibility of it continuing is unclear at this point in time. Obviously, the cash pool would be smaller for those involved, but they would still be able to distribute wealth more favourably than if they were to rejoin the ECA and compete in the Champions League.

Perhaps it’s merely a matter of those involved not wanting to be seen to throw in the towel so easily, or they really could be ready and willing to proceed without Premier League involvement. We’ll have to wait and see.

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