Super League set to be REVIVED as three remaining clubs remove hugely unpopular rule

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Proposals for a European Super League are set to be revived by the three remaining clubs, according to the Telegraph.

Europe’s elite, including all of the ‘big six’ in the Premier League, sparked outrage in 2021 after plans to enlist in a tournament that would serve as a breakaway from the Champions League were revealed.

One of the most unpopular aspects of it was the idea that the founders would be permanent fixtures in the competition, unable ever to be relegated and replaced, irrespective of their performance in any given year.

Fans were not at all impressed with the plans and protested to the point where their clubs swiftly acknowledged their mistake, abandoned the plans and apologised to all they had wronged.

Fans took to the streets in their masses to protest against the Super League

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That was, all but three. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus opted against leaving the Super League and have continued to give the plans their full backing. It now looks as though a revival is in the works.

According to the Telegraph, the three European giants are set to relaunch the campaign, but without the previous concept of having clubs that would remain in the competition regardless of performance.

It remains to be seen whether the removal of that hugely unpopular rule will result in a positive reaction from fans and other clubs alike, but you have to think everyone has already been alienated to an irreparable extent.