Stunning Instagram model denies running over ex-Real Madrid attacker

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The former Stoke city player Jese Rodriguez now 28 years of age claimed that his ex-girlfirend attempted to run him over. Aurah Ruiz the former Spanish Big Brother was quick to defend these claims as utter rubbish. There was a video doing the rounds locally according to The Sun of a man being ruin down and limping away from the scene of the supposed traffic incident.

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“I’ve not run anyone over. It’s a lie and very serious.

“I’m not going to allow people to say I’ve run my partner over.

“I know a lot of things have happened between us that we’re not proud of but we love each other and I never wanted to run him over.

“I know I lose my head sometimes but this!!! How am I going to do something to the father of my child!! Are we all mad!!”

The couple are on off in their relationship and share a child together, the life of a footballer and a TV star can be quite entertaining…

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