Stone Cold reveals how kicking Vince McMahon in the nuts invented the ‘Stunner’

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WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin has revealed the story of how his finishing move ‘The Stunner’ came to be.

The iconic move became a big part of Austin’s persona and was used often during the attitude era – the thing is though it was invented by accident.

“Michael Hayes showed me the Stone Cold Stunner in North Carolina in a TV taping. He said, ‘hey kid, you got a second? Come here.’ Well, hell yeah. Michael Hayes is The Fabulous Freebirds, of course, I got time.

“He showed me the Stunner, I started using it. Many times, if I was probably drinking too much beer, not going to the gym and drinking too much beer, my shorts would get too tight to kick my leg up high enough.

“So Vince was one of my key guys, I’d kick him in the balls so many times because my shorts were too tight. It wasn’t that I could kick up high, but my shorts were too tight to kick that high.

“I kicked him in the nuts I don’t know how many times that we still laugh about it,” said Stone Cold.

Austin debuted the Stunner in 1996, in a match against Savio Vega. He went on to use it as his main finisher for the entirety of his WWE career, most notably against WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.