Steven Gerrard: “I’m just waiting for the heart rate to come down, Emma!”

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38’ | Antwerp 0-1 Rangers
45’ | Antwerp 1-1 Rangers
53’ | Antwerp 2-1 Rangers
59’ | Antwerp 2-2 Rangers
66’ | Antwerp 3-2 Rangers
83’ | Antwerp 3-3 Rangers
90’ | Antwerp 3-4 Rangers

What a job the former Liverpool captain and legend is doing up in Scotland with Glasgow rangers, unbelievable espcially where you look where Rangers were and where they are now. They have absolutely smashed the league up in Scotland and now are right in the mix to go through to the next round of the Europa League, here the former Liverpool midfielder talk below;

What a crazy match that was, Rangers defence probably wasn’t the best as their manager says, but what a game for the natural to enjoy and there’s more to come in the return leg from this rangers side says Steve Gerrard. They showed great will and never give in and kept fighting till the very end and getting out of Antwerp with a great win to bring back to Glasgow with them.

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