Video: Boxer Steve Robinson pulls HILARIOUS stunt at weigh-in ahead of Campbell fight

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Steve Robinson hilariously pulled Nick Campbell’s trousers down at the weigh-in ahead of their clash this weekend.  

The bout is set to be an important one for both fighters, as Campbell looks to extend his undefeated record to six fights, while Robinson will be hoping to bounce back from a shock defeat earlier this year.

Despite that, there was little animosity between the pair on Friday, and the crowd were treated to a rather unexpected, yet welcomed, moment of joy.

Both fighters had already completed their respective weigh-ins, and whilst Campbell had chosen to put his tracksuit bottoms back on, Robinson remained in nothing but his boxers. Then, as the pair prepared to face off, Robinson audaciously pulled his opponent’s trousers down in a stunt that caught everybody off guard.

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That will be the end of the fun and games between the pair though as come the night of Saturday, 17 December, they will meet inside the ring, with the intention of adding another knockout to their respective records.