🚨Former World Cup winning hero SLAMMED by Irish fans for ridcoulous comments on Ireland v RSA

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The former All Blacks Out-half Stephen Donald has suggested that South Africa threw their game against Ireland to face France rather than Ireland..

Speaking on New Zealand’s SENZ radio;

“Deep down, would you ever put it past the South Africans to go, ‘Do we want the All Blacks in a quarter-final? I think we take this route,’” Donald said.

“It was a brutal old thing, wasn’t it? It was everything you’d hope for in a game… it could’ve been the final, it was that sort of intensity and that sort of quality.”

The World Cup winner has come in for a bit of a backlash for this comment..

So as South Africa were edging to the Irish line in the dying seconds to score they wanted to lose? When they knocked on the ball at least twice on the try line they wanted to lose? When they chose points over going for the line they wanted to lose? I’m embarrassed for you
It’s possible. They just played weirdly. Forwards didn’t even make a real effort. Only Willemse arrived for the game that day  But it’s ok. We soldier on. I think our backline players are going to be key in winning against Tonga.
I think Stephen Donald is being disrespectful to Ireland. That was a tough match and either team could have won, but Ireland were the better team on the day.
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  1. Firstly, we are not scared of the All Blacks, haven’t been for a long time.
    Secondly, the Springboks are pure rugby players, we don’t throw games.
    And thirdly, it would be a Kiwi blaming the Springboks for throwing the game rather than analyzing the shocking on field decisions by the ref tram and the very quiet TMO, who were mostly from New Zealand……..

      1. If the ref or officials are to blame, then they get blamed. Look at the game objectively and you will see it.
        Anyway, it is what it is. Springboks lack in one major area that the other teams are good in and that’s to be able to play to the ref. We are rugby purists, others are not.

      2. No, like the supporters of each team there is the ref blamers. That does not change the fact that there was a few bad calls, both ways, but some was at crucial times for us Boks.

        To be fair we lost that game by kicking to posts alone, without taking into account the calls from the ref. I watch SA, NZ and Aus rugby word cup shown. The team of Mills, JK and Jeff are so one sided and disrespectful, it’s actually a joke.

        Why would me play to the strengths of other teams?? It’s stupid. We have our own identity and way of doing thinks, as does the AB’s. Why worry about it? If you implement your own way better than we do ours, and your plan of playing, “athletic” rugby as said by JK, is done well and if it’s the better way of playing the game, then you should win and not care about what others are doing.

        I love these comments from them, cause you don’t speak about things that are not important. It actually shows that Rassie and our boys are keeping people awake at night.

        I love NZ rugby, but the big thing is, we can mix it up and run the ball when needed. But the AB’s can’t go to the dark place at the bottom of ruck after ruck, scrum after scrum, it’s not in their DNA. Funny Stat, in the last year NZ has kicked the ball more than us, not spoken about by the 3 stooges in the TV show.

        The actual beauty of rugby is the fact that it’s a match up of different skills and styles, and seeing who counters how and who can adjust and enforce their way. Who are they to ask the IRB to change rules to fit their style, we all lay under the same set if rules and need to analyze, plan and execute to out abilities and skills in accordance, and use what we have. McCaw was a mater of that, and never complained, just made sure he was the smarters at most tactical basted out there, THE KING according to me.

        So stop batching and moaning, play,respect and enjoy the game.

  2. He is a hasbeen. He doesn’t feature with any all.black greats. Suggesting SA threw the game would therefore suggest Ireland could only win if a game was thrown. Very disrespectful. I wonder did the all blacks throw their game against the boks to lull them into a false sense of hope and for others too.

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