🚨Married mother arrested after sleeping with two teen boys on a hockey team after an argument with her husband .. 😬

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A married Minnesota mother was arrested after she allegedly slept with two teen boys after an argument with her husband.

She was staying in the same hotel as a Youth Colorado hockey team & let 2 of the team members get in bed with her while another one watched. The 2 boys later told.. saying they were uncomfortable.

See the story and some of the comments below;

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There use to be a time when a girl would get mad and clean the whole house.

The dude who got no play definitely snitched lmao

So when it’s a man it’s called rape but when it’s a woman it’s called slept. The math not mathing

Women used to get upset and go shopping. Now they get upset and go räpe young boys. Man how times have changed.

I wish she would’ve ran into me….lmao no cappuccino

When using your body for revenge goes wrong.


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