Former League of Ireland manager cancelling his Sky subscription over ‘disgraceful’ Celtic coverage

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The former Shamrock Rovers manager Roddy Collins was writing in his weekly column with and condemned the actions from Sky Sports to tone down the Celtic supporters.

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“I’ll be cancelling my Sky account this week.

To hear them apologise yesterday for the behaviour of Celtic supporters really pissed me off.

800 years of oppression and there is a certain cohort that wants us to just suck it up and go away.

I thought I’d heard it all when Simon Jordan, a former Crystal Palace chairman, threw his toys out of the pram last week.

He wants Uefa to punish Celtic fans for chanting ‘F*** the crown’ during their Champions League match.”

The 60 year old did however say how he didn’t agree with the Celtic or Shamrock Rover fans actions but he doesn’t like the way the UK media are out to get the people that don’t agree with the Royal family.

“As for Ibrox at the weekend, I didn’t hear anyone condemn the Rangers fans’ songs about the famine.

The banner that hung from the away section in Warsaw last week wouldn’t be how I’d word my views on the English crown, opposed as I am to monarchy.

But there are a large number of Celtic fans who would feel strongly against the royals.

There was a huge backlash at the postponement of matches last week.”

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  1. This guy is a clown. The behavior of the Celtic fans should be punished and should be banned from any football ground for life. Cameras suitably placed should be used to track the troublemakers

  2. Republicanism is a legitimate belief.

    It’s ridiculous to have a family who was “born to reign over us”, as the English anthem goes, in this day and age.

    I assume you want all political expression banned except for the one you believe in?

    There’s a word for that, it’s called Fascism

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