🚨One of the Bulls players could find himself in the height of trouble for extremely dangerous play ..

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What a win that was for the South African side the Bulls on Saturday afternoon against a determined Leinster side in the capital city of the rainbow nation.

There was an incident at a ruck in the game that has everyone talking ..

You know, there’s no fault there. But the attempt to clean the game will give you these pictures. Truth is, bring back rucking OR play rugby league
9 nowhere near the ball. He’s just putting his body there to block cleanouts and clean fast ball. Coaches need to take responsibility for the tactics they coach. Also, officials like yesterday, allowing these slowdown tactics are also at fault.
Who do you penalize in this instance? White 7 in from the side? White 9 head below hips? Blue reckless head contact? It’s blue for me, but the head contact might not have happened if white 9 had been in a legal position.
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