Someone has set up a petition to have all French Referees Removed from International Rugby

Someone has set up a Petition to ban all the French referees from International rugby. Pascal Gauzere had a bad game in the Wales v England game yesterday in Cardiff no doubt about it, but surely this is a bit much, so far it has over 50 names signed up for this petition.

Romain Poite was the TMO in the Italy v Ireland game and he made an awful decision in denying Iain Henderson a clear try against the Italians, there was no doubt about it that it was a clear and obvious try. Mathieu Raynal was the main man in the middle also another French man and he does have the power to overrule any of his assistants. Not sure was there a big screen at the game, but if so surely Mathieu Raynal could have seen that was a clear try from the Irish second row. Questions will be asked after the weekends officiating no doubt.

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