Social media star believes that he could knock out Mike Tyson😂

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Social media star turned boxer, Jake Paul believes there is a ‘very high chance’ that he could beat Mike Tyson in a boxing match.

Iron Mike is one of if not the greatest boxers of all time who completely dismantled and discombobulated opponents. He was for a very long time ‘The Baddest Man on The Planet’ but social media boxer, Jake Paul believes that he could beat him in a fight.

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Paul has racked up some good wins although they were against fighters well outside their prime.

Speaking on Andrew Schulz’s podcast, he claimed that he ‘would win’ in a fight against Tyson.

“I think there’s a very, very high chance of that, he’s not the same fighter that he once was and he knows that. I think it’s a great fight for that exact reason. Me boxing on the outside, him trying to come forward to knock me out. I have one punch power, he has one punch power, who wins?”

Tyson is now much older but still keeps himself in tremendous shape.

How many rounds do you think Paul would last?