So you think you know Roy Keane? Why not prove it in our ultimate quiz?

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So you think you know Roy Keane? Well now is your chance to prove it. Take our ultimate Roy Keane quiz and see just how much you know about the hard hitting, straight talking Cork man.

Keane is remembered for his days at Manchester United where he became the most successful captain in the clubs history.

The Irish man has since gone on to build a healthy career in punditry after a few years in management.

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the man from his youth to the end of his career.

Only true Keane fans will do well in this and if you don’t, not to worry, you may learn something along the way.

There are 13 questions in total with multiple choice answers for each. Simply tap the answer and move on.

You will be given a total score at the end of the quiz and you will know once and for all just how well you know the former Manchester United captain.

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