🚨Disgraceful scenes at a wedding in Sligo at the weekend as venue gets destroyed by the ‘indigenous minority’ 😬

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Shocking scenes at a wedding in Sligo at the weekend where chairs and fists went flying. These scenes really are something that belong in the past. See the video and comments below;

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Ethnic traditions must be accommodated. Clearly this hotel has not provided clearly delineated fighting areas, throwable furniture & slash hooks

No wonder hotels and bars prefer to take the fine for “discrimination” than actually host them

The only reason they can get away with this is because of the bleeding heard politicians and judges protecting them. If it weren’t for them they’d be barred from every hotel in the country.

If word gets out about a traveler wedding etc, in our town all the businesses will close or operate by back door only to regular customers, they don’t want the inevitable chimp out to happen in their pub/restaurant we shouldn’t have to live like this.

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  1. This video is not a wedding in Sligo, nor a Declan Nerney concert. This happened at a boxing even held in a hotel in Clare in 2018. Please do due diligence on your material and sources. Clearly not a wedding, look at the clothes! Disgraceful behaviour by these people but at least reference it correctly!

  2. Your article on indigenous minority is racist in nature and attacks an entire set of people rater than those involved. Please remove and apologise

    1. You are right John Ennis! This has been going around on social media, referenced incorrectly.

    2. I agree Shay! It’s a racist article…….and it’s not a wedding in Sligo, it happened in 2018 in Clare at a boxing event. Writer was more than happy to attack an ‘entire set of people ‘ as you say. Apology should be forthcoming.

  3. This is what happens when society isn’t taught manners and values when one is growing up.
    Surely we can be civilised when attending our own family gatherings with trying to kill eachother.
    Disgraceful,shock behaviour altogether.

  4. “Bleeding heard politicians”. Wow, which prestigious school of journalism, or even English comprehension, did Team Benchwarmers attend?
    Putting aside the inevitable C&D letter that is no doubt on it’s way to you from Hotel Ballina for wrongly connecting the incident with them, you also failed to do any due diligence on the footage.
    This, of course, is where your journalistic alarm bells should have sounded, prompting you to apologise to the Hotel and remove your post.
    But no! Naively, the post remains up and now, my little Hunter S. Thompsons, it seems that the great investigative eyes have turned their attention to you, the purveyors of gravitas that is Benchwarmers.ie.
    If you have difficulty understanding what we are getting at here, do ask a third party, preferably your legal representative. If you have one, that it.
    Have a wonderful week, and I sincerely hope you won’t be out of pocket too much when this gets resolved. But, C’est la Vie!

  5. This video is from 2018 in a completely different county in Ireland.

    Complete bullfuckery, please remove or get your facts straight.

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