Sky Sports to bring back Andy Gray and Richard Keys

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Sky Sports have sensationally announced that Richard Keys and Andy Gray are to return to the News Corp. owned station for the 2015/16 football season, leaving Al Jazeera.

Richard Keys and Andy Gray to return to Sky
Richard Keys and Andy Gray to return to Sky

From FM Football News

Their new roles have not being specified, but Sky spokesman Mark Stein did hint at a possible return to Premier League coverage where Keys and Gray made their names as household items for almost 20 years. “The lads have been in the doghouse for far too long. It’s time we get them back doing what they do best.” Keys and Gray were sacked in 2011 by Sky when they made sexist comments about female assistant referee, Sian Massey. Keys added to the controversy in 2012 when commentating on Facebook during an Arsenal vs Man City game in 2012.

Keys in hot bother back in 2012
Keys in hot bother back in 2012

In an effort to rebuild his career, Gray wrote and starred in a one-man show “50 shades of Andy Gray” which is debuting in the West End in the summer. Keys and Gray had previously covered football for Al Jazeera’s beIN Sports channel. Keys enjoyed the time at the Qatari network: “We always felt that our views were ahead of our time but Al Jazeera recognized this and supported our comments that were labelled racist and sexist by western media. Today we strike a blow for men’s rights everywhere.”

When asked what Sky’s female audience might think, Gray quipped “Me and Keysey are back where we belong. Now it’s time for women to get back where they belong!” Jim White was equally dismissive; “Listen, women are not really our demographic so who cares if a few of our audience are upset. We only have them on to look pretty. Sure look at Georgie Thompson.”

Georgie Thompson says her position is "becoming untenable."
Georgie Thompson says her position is “becoming untenable.”

Women’s group Ukfeminista were justifiably outraged. “We’d expect this kind of thing from Al Jazeera but Sky, Fox and News Corp. has a long history of supporting women’s rights.” The activist group, encouraged all women to take up the fight to Sky. “We’re calling on all women to refuse sex to any man, even family,  until the household’s Sky box is disconnected.” On the stock market Sky’s share places plummeted with the news of the impending sex strike. In unrelated news, shares in Kleenex and Pornhub have sky rocketed.

Harry Redknapp was available for comment.

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