🚨Commentators forced to apologise for what Peter O’Mahony said to the referee on Friday night 😬

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What a win that was for Ireland on Friday night against the French in the South of France. Ireland just keep getting better and better and there seems to be no limit on how good Ireland can be.

At one stage in the game in France vs Ireland, Peter O’Mahony dropped an F bomb to the referee.

See it below;

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Ireland will take on Italy next Sunday at the Aviva Stadium, a tough task for the Italians against an Irish side that will be high in confidence.

Surely Ireland must be odds on to go all the way now and be the first Irish team ever to win back to back Six Nations. Bring it home lads ..

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  1. It’s a physical game… words fly.. get over it FFS.
    Christ on a harley…
    Please don’t tell me that almost every English speaker hasn’t cursed at least once!!!

  2. Peter is a big boy I’m sure he can apologise for himself if he feels the need . A few swear words never hurt anyone …he’s Irish FFS …
    People need to get over themselves…

  3. I think he will not be the only player worldwide to swear out of frustration.
    I don’t think its a big deal, as he is not being disrespectful just frustrated.
    Let them enjoy their win, don’t make a big deal of it.

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