(Video) SIX killed and dozens injured during horror stampede after Cameroon vs Comoros

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At least six fans are understood to have been killed following Cameroon’s victory over Comoros at the African Cup of Nations last night.

Cameroon defeated Comoros, who were down to ten men for most of the contest and had a left-back playing in goal, by two goals to one to ensure the host nation would progress to the next stage of the competition.

While it was a night to remember for Cameroonian football fans, for all the right reasons, the mood quickly soured after some seriously distressing scenes from outside the stadium following the conclusion of the game.

News filtered out of the country that at least six people had died in a fan stampede outside of the stadium.

It’s not entirely clear what prompted the stampede, but fans can be seen trampling over each other in a desperate bid to escape from the scramble. This is utterly heartbreaking…