Sir Alex Ferguson regrets not telling Rangers boss to ‘f*** off’ when asked about wife’s religion

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“Glasgow is a city where there is a divide. It’s Protestant and Catholic, Rangers and Celtic,” Fergie says in a ‘Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In’, a new documentary which got its premiere over the weekend at the Glasgow Film Festival.

“I heard Rangers wanted to sign me and of course having supported Rangers as a boy and having lived 200 yards from the ground I was pretty excited about it.

“I put on my best suit and went across to Ibrox. The big marble hall, it’s quite impressive.

“When I signed for Rangers, one of the directors asked me about Cathy.

“He says, ‘I have to ask you a question about your wife. I believe she is Catholic, were you married in a chapel?’.

“I said, ‘No we got married in the registry office,’ and he says, ‘Oh, that’s OK’.

“I should have told him to fuck off.

“I really should have but having supported Rangers as a boy and having the opportunity to go out and play for Rangers, you are prepared to take nonsense.

“I let myself down there and I let my wife down – that was the most important thing – because she was a devout Catholic.’

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