Simon Jordan goes in on Gabby Agbonlahor and Jack Grealish in HILARIOUS clip

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Talksport co-presenter Simon Jordan responded to Gabby Agbonlahor’s claims that Jack Grealish didn’t know who he was.

On White and Jordan this morning, presenter Jim White revealed that Agbonlahor brought up a story about Jordan and Grealish while the pair were in Ibiza.

“Apparently many years ago, Simon Jordan wanted to meet our Jack Grealish for lunch and he spoke to Jack’s security and Jack asked “who is Simon Jordan?“”

Jordan responded to the story, in the most Jordan way possible, saying: “First of all, I don’t like doing happy meals, so I wouldn’t be going anywhere with Jack. Secondly, it would have hardly been a meeting of the minds, and thirdly, I lived in Marbella, not Ibiza. I wouldn’t go there even if you tied my tongue to the back of a ferry.”

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He ended with: “A final point, the last person I’d want to have lunch with is that aliceband-wearing nitwit! Let’s be honest, if the story was told by someone of great intellect and the ability to add things up, I’d say it is something worth listening to, but it is from Gabby, who thinks 2+2=yellow!”

Who knows how true that story is, but its another example of how great Talksport is at balancing humour and journalism.


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