New Video Emerges that Shows What Kicked Off the Shefflin/Cody Incident

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Kilkenny added a third Leinster title to their name by winning on scoreline of 0-22 to 0-17 after the game all eyes were on the two managers Brian Cody and Henry Shefflin. A video has made it’s way onto the internet showing the two men at full-time and how Cody doesn’t go over to shake his former players hand..

Or is Henry Shefflin at fault here? Whatever you think of the whole drama it’s awful to see two great hurling men to be so out with each other. See the video below;

MORE HERE: Details Emerge of a Tunnel Fight Between Limerick & Clare Gardaí & Stewards involved

It was a dull game of hurling and worlds apart compared to the Munster hurling final between both Clare and Limerick at Semple Stadium on Sunday. How do you rate both Kilkenny and Galway’s chances in the All-Ireland?

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  1. I’d say Kilkenny will get to the final against Limerick. Limerick are stronger by far and deserve to lift the cup. Kilkenny will fight to the end as always. Galway have a habit of slowing up if the gap widens towards the end of games. Saying that I’d prefer Kilkenny to lift the cup.

    1. Spot On Sean 🙌🥇🏆🥎

      Limerick are way ahead unfortunately

      Clare would take either of them too

      Henry has alot to learn yet as a manager as that kilkenny team are not great

      Kind regards jpm

  2. Please stop, nobody outside of Kilkenny really cares. Too much coverage given to this. Rte give over , you are trying too hard for a story.
    Spend more time covering the game please.
    Players give blood sweat and tears at training and games. They are amateurs.

  3. As the championship gets closer to the quarter finals, its only then will teams from both provinces start playing each other. I predict another all Munster All Ireland.

  4. I would say that if galway win the next game they will beat limerick in the sim and then we will have a cracking final Cody v Henry that’s my opinion I don’t think we have seen the best of galway yet or Henry

  5. I Have the higest respect for Brian Cody as a manger. And the best hurler of all time Henery Sheffiln. So please stop making moutains syop this nonsence . They both Human and can be prideful. Henery is griefing loss of his brother and
    Media talking about hand shake.
    Leave them both alone.
    Galway fan

  6. I have seen it all before in munster great games and you would tink leinster teams have no hope but to my surprise they would win semi and finals on a regular basis there was a lot of bad wides Sunday tight game glossed over that Tony Kelly missed simple frees they would be champions now only for that and limerick were no better

  7. I have seen it all before tuff tight games in munster and you would tink they would win all Ireland but scoring was poor from play and frees last Sunday leinster teams have a habit of winning semi or all Irelands over the years it mite be the same this year

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