Man Jailed for Exposing himself on Flight Arriving into Shannon Airport

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A man has been jailed for masturbating beside a female passenger on board a Ryanair flight into Shannon earlier this month. Ioan Remi Makula was at Ennis District Court today where Judge Mary Larkin gave him three months.

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Judge Mary Larkin described Mr Ioan Remi Makula’s “abuse” on board the flight as “outrageous”.

Judge Larkin said that Makula “upset the woman beside him and upset the entire plane and that can’t be tolerated”.

The 25 year old has been give three months in jail. Solicitor for Mr Makula, Darragh Hassett told the court that his instructions from Mr Makula are that “he was on a flight and there was a female sitting beside him and he picked up the vibe that she wanted to see his penis”.

He said: “That is what he did.

“He said that he didn’t masturbate on the plane and he said that he had a very clear understanding from the female beside him that she wanted to see his penis.”

Mr Hassett said that Mr Makula took out his penis on the plane.

Mr Hassett said: “He wants to apologise to other passengers and staff – it goes far beyond what you would call inflight entertainment.”

“It was a spur of the moment thing. Mr Makula got this vibe from the female and staff came over to him immediately and he got himself right on the plane and it didn’t happen a second time.”

Mr Hassett said that Mr Makula “is very sorry. It was totally inappropriate behaviour and he assures me that it won’t happen again.”

“Mr Makula just didn’t decide to do what he did to offend people. He said that he had indications from the lady beside him that she wanted to see his penis.”

Judge Larkin said that it is inconceivable that Mr Makula would have such a belief.

Mr Hassett said: “What happened has happened. He can’t reverse the clock.”


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