🚨The Black Paddy walked down The Shankill Road in a Limerick jersey .. 😬

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‘The Black Paddy’ is famous for some of his videos online and this time he took his life in his hands when he walked down The Shankill Road with a Limerick GAA jersey on ..

The influencer even went into the local for a pint of the black stuff and the black paddy was met with a friendly interaction, which is great to see. See the video below and some of the comments underneath ..

One of my besties is an Indian catholic born and raised in Portadown

Is the king of England called Harry Corry?

Welcomed…he’s on camera, I’d say Anto from the Falls, different story.

He is a novelty, he gets the response because he is a clown show, a mockery

How is he class? attending Orange Order parades and 12th July bonfires? He’s hardly an unknown to the loyalist areas

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  1. What right has he to call himself Black Paddy. Paddy has been used as a racist term towards irish people for a long time. If he was walking around and the N word was used how would he react.

    1. Paddy was a nickname for those called “Peadar” in Ireland. Only the thick English took it to use as a “derogatory slur” and even thicker Irish and English people use it for those named “Patrick”.

      1. Relax man life is way too short, my cousin and two uncles were christened Patrick and are called Paddy Patsy and Paddy all with affection and love ,not even a distant relative to a slur. ,don’t worry be happy

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