🚨A lot of people weren’t happy with Shane Dowling’s response when asked about the Kyle Hayes verdict .. 😬

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The former Limerick hurler and now RTE pundit Shane Dowling was on the RTE hurling podcast this week and when asked about the Kyle Hayes verdict he refused to comment .. See the video below and some of the comments on twitter ..

Have you anything else to Moab about, found guilty, pay a fine bound to the peace for few years . Move on you clown

He’s awful on tv Shane dowling. It’s actually pointless asking him bout limerick cos he’s totally biased beyond belief. He should have some self awareness to say I’m not doing limerick games and don’t ask me bout their personal lives.

Involuntarily admitted he shouldn’t be in punditry for Limerick games then?! Something everyone who was watching all along to be the case anyway. Bias when he is is unbelievable

The GAA. Protect their own If he was a squad player Kiely would have disowned him long ago.

Skip to 44 minutes to see Shane Dowling’s take ..

To be fair to Shane Dowling he is in a difficult spot, but should he have least said it was completely wrong what happened? Anyways, I’m sure Limerick will move on from this very quickly ..

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