Sergio Aguero pokes fun at Pep Guardiola over management rumours

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Former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero has revealed all about his thoughts on management as he referred to his ex-coach Pep Guardiola.

Aguero retired from football in 2021 following a health scare after a decade at Manchester City where he scored 260 goals and he has now made his feelings known about going into coaching.

Streaming on Twitch yesterday, Aguero responded to the coaching questions saying: “It’s not easy to be a coach… Look at Pep, he went bald from thinking so much.”

During his time under Guardiola at City, Aguero scored 124 times, but the 34-year old revealed last year that there were times when it got a bit tense between them.

If your ideal weight is 79-80kg and you were 80 kilos and 100 grams you would be fined and you don’t play.

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But it can happen! You come across a little bit of chicken for example, then you are going to be 50 grams over!

Well the first season we were between fourth and third and he said I left you out because you turned up fat this week.”

Now his playing career has come to an end, Aguero won’t have to worry about his weight anymore and he will hope his former side can beat Chelsea this evening as the pair face off at Stamford Bridge at 8pm.


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