🚨Sean Strickland went down in a lot of peoples estimation after his exchange with Donald Trump post fight ..

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What a night of UFC action last night in New Jersey, after the fight Sean Strickland gave a massive shout out to former USA president Donald. Trump who was in the audience .. 

See it below with some of the comments underneath ..

Americans are tired of bidenomics & want real leadership I’m still voting for Trump, are you?

Even Joe Rogan says, “Let’s get it done,” at the end there! Do you guys realize how big that simple statement is?

Sean Strickland proving he’s a true warrior both in and out of the ring. Respect for backing Trump in these insane times. More fighters should speak up—enough of the silent cowards

Sean Strickland speaks truth for the world to hear…. We all know Amazing moment

not a fan of mixing politics with sports, but to each their own.

This man speaks the truth! Trump is the truth! Imagine if the people back in the day didn’t vote for Abraham Lincoln. This is our time in history.

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