Sean Dyche tells hilarious tale of wedding team talk ft. “off his nut” Danny Dyer and Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno

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Burnley boss Sean Dyche has told a tale on talkSPORT of how he once gave a team talk to Eastenders actor Danny Dyer and Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno in the back of a cab.

In one of the most random encounters in the history of football, and supposedly there’s video footage of it floating around somewhere, which we’d be willing to pay a pretty penny for, because the whole situation sounds utterly hilarious.

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It was Danny Dyer who posed the question to Dyche on talkSPORT, with the Clarets boss not withholding any details, with Dyer being described as being “off his nut”.

Here’s the full transcript, via talkSPORT.

Danny Dyer: “Morning Sean, Danny Dyer here. We once had a random journey in the back of a cab. Can you remember what I asked you to do? Because I can’t, because I was off me nut! Toodle pip!”

Sean Dyche: “It’s a true story, it was a static cab I must say. At a mutual friend’s wedding they had a static cab. You went in the back and did a video for the bride and groom”

“Danny and the fella who’s wedding it was, they asked me to do a team talk. So I did a team talk in the back of a cab in someone’s garden to a video screen.”

“I believe the bride and groom have still got the video and have a laugh about it. And yes, he was off of his nut, without a shadow of a doubt!”

Laura Woods: “Wasn’t Serge from Kasabian in the back of that taxi as well?”

Sean Dyche: “He certainly was.”

Who on Earth is the unnamed mutual friend?

Who can boast Sean Dyche, Danny Dyer and Serge Pizzorno as close enough friends that you’d invite them to your wedding?

None of this makes sense, but it’s a great story, and one that we’re glad Dyche has taken the time to tell.

Hopefully one day we’ll be able to see the footage…

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