Scottish school teacher fired after students found her Only Fans account with some raunchy pictures

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There’s a lot of people out there making big money via Only Fans and this Scottish teacher thought she might do the same, but sadly some of her students found her account.

Kirsty Buchan left her position at Bannerman High School in Glasgow after parents fumed at the images – but says she had no choice but to launch the sideline.

Kirsty said: “Some people are being so judgemental but I am on an 18+ site and if the kids get access to the content then that is down to the parents failing to protect their devices.

“Who are others to judge? It’s my story to tell. I will do anything to provide for my son.

“How many parents can say they can do that.

“Now people have asked me if I am being stupid but  I am not stupid, I have a physics degree and worked hard.

“I could go to my work and not be respected by my bosses –  or I can post pictures and make money to provide for my son. To me, that is using my brain.”

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Kirsty's saucy profile on OnlyFans was discovered by pupils

Kirsty had to quit her job after her pay allegedly got docked

Kirsty has now blamed the parents of pupils for not protecting their kids' devices after her site was found

Fair play to her and the other women that do it.

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