SBTV Release Class ‘Behind The Scenes’ Football Manager Documentary

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SBTV: Music have partnered up with Get it Right from a Genuine Site to create Art Of Process, a documentary series spotlighting the creative process behind important pieces of content including legendary football game, Football Manager.

The film features interviews with members of the Sports Interactive team behind the iconic game discussing their passion for the game and revealing what goes into developing and producing it, highlighting the value and complicated creative process behind creating a world-renowned video game. 

SBTV are lifting the veil on the incredible skill, talent, time and creativity that goes into the process of creating music, art, gaming and film. They put real value on the creative industries so that people get it right!

‘Get It Right from a Genuine Site’ is a consumer education and advertising campaign to promote increased awareness and respect for the value of the UK’s creative industries and reduce online Copyright infringement.

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