🚨Ian Wright had a pretty wild suggestion of what to do to get Cole Palmer into the English team ..

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The former Arsenal and England striker was on ITV last night and the pundit suggested that Gareth Southgate should move Saka to left back to get Cole Palmer into the team ..

Not sure about this one, have a look at some of the comments underneath ..

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Trying to accommodate Foden will be England downfall

Yes. He didn’t say bench Saka. He knows Saka is England’s best player. So he has to be in the team in a position he has experience in. Palmer hasn’t played LB so i wouldn’t expect Ian to say play Palmer LB. Common sense mate…

Saka can’t work in this England team, but Southgate’s sentiments wouldn’t allow him see that

I have always seen Saka as a LWB for Chelsea…he is just biding his time at Arsenal he too limited from the RW zone….

Yet Arsenal fans will be on here talking about how Saka is this and that

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