Ryan Giggs Promises To “Keep An Eye On” Nick Powell’s Wife While Midfielder Away On Loan

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Speaking on Powell’s loan, Giggs claimed it was a great move for everyone involved.

Manchester United assistant manager Ryan Giggs has promised to “keep an eye on” Nick Powell’s wife while the midfielder sees out the season on loan at Hull City.

“It’s fantastic news,” beamed Giggs earlier today. “It’s a great move for Nick, for Hull City and for Manchester United. The only person who it’s not great news for is Nick’s wife Fiona but I’ll look in on her and make sure she’s not wanting for anything while he’s away.”

According to Welshman Giggs, he feels it his duty as assistant manager to look after the players’ wives while they are representing their club away from home.

“I’ll take good care of Fiona while Nick’s away on loan,” confirmed the Manchester United legend. “I always take care of the players’ wives while their away on club business, especially the young players’ wives, those poor young ladies get awfully bored and lonely in those big empty houses.”

“Sometimes, I’ll even pop around while the players are training, just to make sure everything’s alright,” continued Giggs, the owner of Wales’ hairiest chest. “I’ll let them listen to my Barry White CD collection or practice some of my new yoga moves with them. It helps keep their spirits, among other things, up while their husbands are busy.”

Rhodri Giggs, Ryan’s brother and biggest fan, has confirmed that Powell can expect his older sibling to take “very good care” of his wife while he’s away.

“Oh yeah! Ryan will take very good care of that young woman, very good care indeed. If ever there was a man who knew how to look after another man’s wife it’s Ryan.”

In related news, unconfirmed reports from the capital suggest that Chelsea’s soon to depart captain, John Terry, could be in line for a shock summer move to Manchester. However, it will not be in a playing capacity, instead the one club man will team up with Giggs and open a “wife sitting” business.

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