I was a ‘slave’ to Ryan Giggs’ More Shocking News Coming Out of the Ryan Giggs Trial

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The former Manchester United and Welsh winger Ryan Giggs was in court this week to face charges against his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville. Mrs. Greville told the Manchester Crown Court that;

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“I was in a vulnerable position and he played on it.

“When Ryan said do something, I would do it.

“There was resistance sometimes but he made me feel like I had to do what he said, otherwise there would be consequences.”

Kate Greville also broke down in tears at one stage when talking about the time Ryan Giggs’ “came at me from nowhere and headbutted me in the face”. The former Manchester United winger denies every hitting her.

“I put my hands over my mouth and I could taste the blood.”

Mrs. Greville also says that Giggs beg her to not report him to the police when her sister rang the authorities.

‘I need you to think about this, Kate. This will ruin me and it will ruin you.

“Think about my job, think about my kids, think about my career’.

“I told him, ‘well you shouldn’t have done it then’.”


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