🚨Jim Hamilton thought it was an real shame that RugbyPass felt the need to delete POM’s speech

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Speaking on the RugbyPod Jim Hamilton thought it was a real shame that RugbyPass felt the need to delete the speech that Peter O’Mahony made in the team huddle prior to Ireland v South Africa.

Speaking on the RugbyPod Jim Hamilton said the following, quoted by balls.ie

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It’s a real shame, actually. RugbyPass, World Rugby, Rugby World Cup – they’re all joined together now. We had this amazing clip of Ireland in the huddle. It was Peter O’Mahony shouting “EFFIN’ THIS! EFFIN’ THAT!”

It’s been taken down now. They wanted it taken down. I thought it was amazing, showcased the emotion, literally took you into the huddle on the pitch before the game.

They’re doing it their way. Maybe they’ve got people behind the scenes filming stuff, but it is a shame.

“As we’re going on through it, ya, when you run past a fella, [inaudible], you give him a f***ing lift, you pat him on the f***ing hole,” O’Mahony roared.

“I’m with you all day, you know what I mean? We’re with each other all day.

“We’re f***ing working hard, but we need to f***ing look after one another as well boys.

“We in the f***ing depths with you. Picking fellas up. We’re going well boys. Be flexible and be f***ing tight.”

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  1. Shouldn’t have been earywigging in the first place. What’s said in team stays in the team has always been the rule as far as I’m concerned.

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